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                 2017 CineGrips shipping. Sony FS7, Alexa, Ursa Mini, new Varicam 

                                                              Starts at $750


      We have been pacing industry grip development since 2012 when we were the first company in the world to introduce a smart grip with programmable brain that operates functions on Sony, Canon and Panasonic.  We also built the most adjustable system in the industry for the things that don't get re-invented every year - our wrists, elbows and shoulders. Sometimes handheld isn't for a shot- it's for a day. That's where we come from and why we make these things.



When your hand clasps something made to receive it - it's primal- form meets function. 



A Cinegrip is a tool designed to get old, that stays with you thru product cycles and bridges camera platforms. Your matte box, your sticks - your grip. Migrate your Cinegrip to your next new camera and upgrade technology without downgrading the tried and true. Use your Cinegrip on many different cameras and regain some fundemental consistency. Your camera should feel familiar and predictable. We make them three ways; as plain dumb grips $750, with simple trigger stop/start, $1280 and with a full brain that activates menu control over serial protocol $1750/1950. All can be ordered as lefties. All of them are the same shape and work the same for fist/elbow/shoulder allignment. With our Clockarm and Dovetail Plates you can get your fist under the lens center and at the precise angle you prefer. Nothing else does this. 

 Balance and control. On Mark 3 and Mark 4 models, three buttons under the thumb make a simple, logical interface. We keep it simple. A Camera grip should not work like a gameboy controller. Just stab down to get Focus Magnification, Iris, FPS, Steadishot, Zebra, Peaking etc... Cinegrips put the stuff you need under your thumb- a thumb that only touches hardwood buttons, sanded to a glass shine and flush mounted in walnut. A handmade, instrument quality tool.


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We are a small, reachable company. Get in touch directly at info@shootingmachine.net or Twitter @shootmachine.

It's old fashioned I know, but you can also 'cut to the chase'. Shooters call me to just talk over what's going on with their rigging and usually figure it out in 15 min or so. 504 355 6106 voice/text

We have a full scale, industrial machine shop- with a real guy named Tony who is a master american machinist. (Hint). We can do anything you need at 1980 pricing. 

Straight up. Keeping it functional and possible, 

- Caleb Crosby, soc  (Handheld since R16 Bolex, 1988)



A CineGrip Mark 2 fired the ALEXA on "ZERO DARK THIRTY"     Join us on Facebook  

The CAD clip below shows an advanced system for doing something pretty simple - getting your hand on a camera. We created a grip that travels with you on multiple pro cameras and upgrades as new ones come out. A handgrip is kind of a primal thing and now all the cameras you use will fit your body the same way- like a glove.

Your hand is a great tool, we make it fit your camera. Welcome to Shooting Machine!



Below our first product - from last year- The ShotGrip Top Handle. This handle will soon fit the FS 700, Canon C300, Black Magic and a universal pedestal base for all cameras with threaded sockets or cheeseplate. It's very popular with shooters worldwide (see reviews).