Shooting Machine is a cameraman working with engineers to make the best tools possible for handholding your camera. 

We make original products that are pacing the industry for handgrip control. We believe comfort and balance are critical to good shooting and have developed some well thought out, unique designs to make life easier for working pros. For the lastest info see our Facebook link above.  Or check out our products ...   


A CineGrip Mark 2 fired the ALEXA on "ZERO DARK THIRTY"     Join us on Facebook  

The CAD clip below shows an advanced system for doing something pretty simple - getting your hand on a camera. We created a grip that travels with you on multiple pro cameras and upgrades as new ones come out. A handgrip is kind of a primal thing and now all the cameras you use will fit your body the same way- like a glove.

Your hand is a great tool, we make it fit your camera. Welcome to Shooting Machine!



Below our first product - from last year- The ShotGrip Top Handle. This handle will soon fit the FS 700, Canon C300, Black Magic and a universal pedestal base for all cameras with threaded sockets or cheeseplate. It's very popular with shooters worldwide (see reviews).